Changing the way we design, produce and distribute our products and solutions to develop the circular economy

Responsible Consumption And Production


  • for employees: today, eco-innovation is covered in the training programs provided for new research managers and R&D project leaders. To develop increasingly sustainable solutions to provide a better response to new market expectations, we introduced an eco-innovation initiative in 2013, with eco-innovation training. Today, eco-innovation is systematically integrated into the integration processes for new research executives and R&D project managers. It also includes special training, which is intended mainly for marketing and R&D teams and integrated into Saint-Gobain University. It is offered as part of the Unicampus initiative.
  • for customers: we design, produce and distribute sustainable and comfortable solutions. The Group’s industrial activities linked to the construction markets pursued the life cycle analyses for their products and published environmental product declarations (EPDs) verified by third parties, throughout the world. Over 100 new EPDs were published this year. With over 1,255 verified EPDs published in over 33 countries, we are the world’s leading supplier of verified EPDs in the construction sector.


12.4 and 12.5: Quantity of waste generated

12.4 and 12.5: Quantity of waste reused or recycled

12.6: Amount of purchases covered by the signature of the supplier charter

12.6: Proportion of suppliers per CSR performance level