CSR embedded in strategy

An integrated range of solutions, able to facilitate the ecological transition

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Consistent with its purpose, “Making the world a better home”, Saint-Gobain’s mission is to design, manufacture and distribute materials and solutions which are key ingredients in the wellbeing of each of us and the future of all. To this end, the Group is not content with designing, manufacturing and distributing products: it brings to the market an array of solutions that meet both Saint-Gobain customers’ demands for performance and sustainable development challenges.

This drive toward comprehensive solutions applies throughout the whole Group’s value chain, relying on powerful digital tools, and lies at the heart of its strategic plan. The Group aims at enriching and widening its offering so as to provide more and more often a comprehensive answer to its client’s challenges, delivering the right solutions in terms of thermal or acoustic comfort, air quality, or productivity.

The following pages describe a few examples of this approach, which is meant to help Saint-Gobain’s customers successfully manage their own energy and ecological transition, a topic that is the overarching issue at stake today, as shown by its integration in the stimulus packages announced by several countries.

Our value chain 

Value Chain

Solutions for renovation

Solutions for renovation

Construction solutions

Solutions for construction

Solutions for industry decarbonization

Solutions for decarbonation