They can bridge the gap between two departments, between a team and an idea, between an innovative solution and a client who wants to feel confident in their decision. In many ways, it’s our Marketing and Communications team who bring our products to life on a grand scale, and who so skilfully illustrate the impact of our solutions.

Are you one of those people who can make information flow, and facilitate solutions and projects? You may be just who our Marketing and Communications team is looking for!


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Saint-Gobain owns a multitude of brands that mainly target businesses, but also consumers. 

Our goal? To make our solutions and innovations more visible on the construction, healthcare, mobility, and industrial markets, and to switch from one sector to another thanks to our mobility program. 


Let’s take a look at how digital technology is used at Saint-Gobain. 

The Group is developing a range of services for specifiers on the construction market (general contractors, architects, engineering firms, building designers, etc.), as well as other targets. These services are part of a wider trend toward digitization in the sector, particularly with the development of Building Information Modelin

As a Communications Officer, you will be responsible for developing a communications strategy for one of the Group’s brands, producing editorial and multimedia content, and assisting the company with its flagship projects and news promotion.

Your day-to-day responsibilities

Internal and/or external communication plans. 

Internally, you will manage the brand’s community of employees by pre-defining the messaging used and creating the necessary content with the appropriate tools: email, video, corporate social media, internal events, etc.

Externally, your target audiences will be our customers and prospects. Your role will be to prioritize your communication objectives, and establish and implement a promotional action plan based on these objectives, while working hand-in-hand with internal stakeholders. 

You will also assist with operational marketing initiatives (product launches, designing the tools in the commercial action plan, etc.) and the other external communication projects interspersed throughout the year. 

Your tools

Although a computer and cell phone are more than enough for you, you also pay attention to new trends, and are happy to meet new contacts to brush up your skills during networking events. 

Your profile and soft skills

Managing multiple projects is part of your DNA. You have excellent interpersonal skills, and know how to switch from one interlocutor to another or one subject to another with passion and enthusiasm. 

With the help of your writing skills, both in your language and in English, no spelling mistake escapes your trained eye. 

You are also sympathetic to the values of sustainable development, and are curious to know more about the Group’s social, societal, and environmental commitment, which you incorporate into your messaging thanks to your excellent initiative.

Your professional expertise

You are extensively familiar with web and audiovisual tools, writing, and event organizing.

As a Product Manager, you are responsible for developing and monitoring the product line sold by one of the Group’s brands.

Your day-to-day responsibilities

Negotiations, market studies, product listings, monitoring product lines and prices.

You’ll help develop catalogs and promotional campaigns, and perform competitive intelligence. You’ll inform the network of new products and market changes, while also staying in constant contact with the marketing, sales, and communications departments, as well as suppliers.

Your tools

Your product expertise. An expert in sales and your products, you rely on your responsiveness and your close eye on the market to offer the product that seems most right to you.

Your profile and soft skills

You work just as well on your own or in a team, switching easily from one to the other thanks to your discipline and organization. In addition, you are often actively involved in discussions with the other departments and the brand’s network thanks to your listening skills, as well as your excellent interpersonal skills. 

Your professional expertise

You have a college education and experience in a point of sale or in your product sector, which has made you more independent and more knowledgeable of technical products.   

As a Digital Project Manager, you are responsible for rolling out new services for customers and Business Units.

Your day-to-day responsibilities

Managing digital projects for your organization.

You will be involved in various phases: initial scoping, coordinating development, marketing, and communication initiatives, coordinating with the businesses concerned, validating the rollouts and verifying that initial goals have been reached, and setting up tracking indicators.

Your tools

Your expertise! You will be totally integrated into multidisciplinary teams, and will be called upon to offer invaluable advice on what to do and how to do it when it comes to the projects you're implementing. 

Your profile and soft skills

You are curious, and an expert in new digital technologies (platforms, e-commerce, cloud services, 3D, VR/AR, IoT, etc.).

You know how to explain things and communicate with all your associates, in a thorough, reasoned, and concise way. 

The Group’s international reach will also allow you to practice your English every week with your colleagues around the world

Your professional expertise

You know what “agile methods” are, and have used them on similar projects in a corporate environment for at least five years, thanks to your university-level education.  

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