Me@Saint-Gobain: when the collaborators get the floor

End of 2021, the collaborators of Saint-Gobain responded to the internal survey: me @Saint-Gobain for the 3rd time in a raw.

This global study enables each year all employees of the Group to give feedback about what it is like to work for Saint-Gobain. Its objective is to understand and improve the employee experience at Saint-Gobain; not only at Saint-Gobain Group level but also in the employee-specific work environment level.

This global engagement survey is proposed for the third year to Saint-Gobain employees and, despite a difficult context, the participation rate is remarkable: 81% of respondents.


The worldwide me@Saint-Gobain employee engagement survey results are very positive and on the rise:

> Participation up again: 81%
> An excellent engagement rate: 83%

This survey addresses 2 indicators and 5 major themes:

  • The “Engagement” key metric monitor the level of engagement of employees through the time : employees are committed and strongly recommend Saint-Gobain as an employer at 83%.
  • The “Employee Net Promoter” score highlights how much employees are ambassadors of their company. The Net Promoter Score reaches this year 35 points. It has been rising steadily for three years, and is more than 10 points higher than the external benchmark.
  • The 5 themes:
    • Energy - An energizing and collaborative work environment.
    • Actor -  The feeling of being a player in one's career.
    • Talent - A skil development oriented HR org.
    • Management - An influence based management style.
    • Inspiration - True purpose and fact based vision.