Me@Saint-Gobain : when the collaborators get the floor

End of 2019, the collaborators of Saint-Gobain responded to an internal survey: me @Saint-Gobain. This global study enabled all employees of the Group to give feedback about what it is like to work for Saint-Gobain. Its objective is to understand and improve the employee experience at Saint-Gobain; not only at Saint-Gobain Group level but also in the employee-specific work environment level.

An impressive participation!

74% of Saint-Gobain employees, or 114.287 people, answered to this survey addressing 5 main topics:

3 key indicators have been measured:

  1. The index “Engaging Work Culture” based on the Ipsos model and relying on 5 key components.

  2. The “Engagement” key metric monitor the level of engagement through the time.

  3. Finally, the “Employee Net Promoter” score which highlights how much employees are ambassadors of their company.


Here are the results for each of the 3 indicators:

Each number corresponds to the percentage of employees who completely "agree" with the proposed affirmation.
Example: at the question “Working conditions in my company are good”, the result is 80. This means that 80% of respondents agree with this statement, that is to say 80% of collaborators who answered to the survey are completely satisfied with their working conditions.

On average, 79% of Saint-Gobain employees totally “agree” with the 35 affirmations proposed. A more than positive result for the "Engaging work culture" index!

The topics "energy", "actor" and "management" are the statements that obtain the highest scores. More than 4/5th of the collaborators consider that they work in an energizing and collaborative work environment, with an empowering organization, and an influence based management style.



Saint-Gobain collaborators are proud to say that they work for Saint-Gobain (87%) and see themselves still working within the Group in two years’ time (80%). The Engagement of the collaborators to the company is therefore real! They feel appreciated and valued for their work (72%).

We are proud to observe that our employees would recommend the company to their friends or relatives (78%). The result of the score "Employee Net Promoter" (NPS = 22) is higher than the equivalent company benchmarked in the same sector!

Discover in details the results for each one of the 35 statements