Me@Saint-Gobain – year 2: when the collaborators get the floor

End of 2020, the collaborators of Saint-Gobain responded to an internal survey: me @Saint-Gobain.

This global study enables all employees of the Group to give feedback about what it is like to work for Saint-Gobain. Its objective is to understand and improve the employee experience at Saint-Gobain; not only at Saint-Gobain Group level but also in the employee-specific work environment level.

This global engagement survey is proposed for the second year to Saint-Gobain employees and, despite a difficult context, the participation rate is remarkable: 78% of respondents, corresponding to 155,390 employees. An increase of 4% over last year.

This survey addresses 2 indicators and 5 major themes:

  • The “Engagement” key metric monitor the level of engagement of employees through the time : employees are committed and strongly recommend Saint-Gobain as an employer at 82%.
  • The “Employee Net Promoter” score highlights how much employees are ambassadors of their company. This score reaches 32 points, 10 more than last year.
  • The 5 themes:
    • Energy - An energizing and collaborative work environment.
    • Actor - An empowering organisation.
    • Talent - A skil development oriented HR org.
    • Management - An influence based management style.
    • Inspiration - True purpose and fact based vision.

Overall, results have improved in all areas. Saint-Gobain can therefore rely on good conditions to sustain its commercial strategy and continue to make Saint-Gobain "a better home for its employees".