Our unique positioning allows us to create a virtuous dynamics for the entire sector.

« More than an expectation, making a positive contribution has become a requirement.”


Manufacturing and distributing in the glazing, plaster and insulation industries for many years, we have been transforming the market by innovating to implement solutions that already limit climate change effects, while providing comfort and well-being for everyone. In doing so, Saint-Gobain enters into a constant dialogue with all its stakeholders to collectively make market practices evolve.

Saint-Gobain is therefore transforming its model in order to design comfortable, durable and high-performance solutions. These solutions help to reduce resource intensity and limit the energy consumption of the buildings, vehicles or installations they equip.

Saint-Gobain is upgrading the formulation of its products to use more recycled or renewable resources to reduce the consumption of virgin raw materials, extend the durability and facilitate the recycling or reuse of products at the end of their lifespan.

In construction, this ambition is highlighted by the development of lightweight construction solutions and prefabrication. Productivity, precision, less waste generated, a building envelope closed faster, health and safety of operators on site: prefabrication has uncounted advantages. For Saint-Gobain, which is growing rapidly in this field, particularly in the United Kingdom and Norway, this is also an opportunity to offer advanced solutions, complete systems and to become a complete technical partner for its customers.

In the mobility market, Saint-Gobain is contributing to the revolutions of the automotive and aerospace industries: new engines, battery life, connectivity, etc. by working, for example, on reducing vehicle weight through ever-thinner lenses, and reducing CO2 emissions as a result.

In the energy sector, our SGR Provence research centre is a partner in the EAGLE project, a European programme meant to develop more efficient petrol engines by 2020. 

The Group has also made its mark as a clean energy player by initiating the OxiGEN project, aimed at developing the next generation of solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs).

The Saint-Gobain Sully site has signed a major cooperation.

More generally, at Saint-Gobain we have a follow-up procedure for accelerated and secure innovation and we participate in the World Class Manufacturing industrial excellence program, which ensures the development of comfortable, durable and high-performance solutions as well as compliance with product standards in industrial sites.n agreement as part of the European Clean Sky research programme, an initiative seeking to develop cutting-edge technology to reduce CO2 and gas emissions, as well as noise pollution produced by aircraft.

Since we can't act alone, we rely on co-development and knowledge sharing. To sustain our innovation capabilities and develop solutions that anticipate market trends, we have implemented an eco-innovation approach and a toolbox to help each of our employees understand market needs and the ever-increasing environmental and social impact requirements of customers and to find solutions based on existing best practices.

A tool, SCORE, is used to assess the sustainable performance of construction products on five topics identified as of priority by stakeholders: energy and climate, health, materials and circular economy, water, and local value creation.

Saint-Gobain seeks to be a key ally in supporting all players of the construction sector in their ecological transition, and we have launched the Green Buildings site, a platform aimed at architects, design offices, consultants and entrepreneurs to support them in the sustainable building certification process.


  • From just 3 months of use, the Group's insulation solutions offset the emissions related to their production. Beyond these three months, earnings will keep accumulating (EY 2015 study). 
  • For the 10th consecutive year, Saint-Gobain has been named one of the 100 most innovative companies in the world (Clarivate Analytics).

Our pillars of commitments