Saint-Gobain Showroom

Open to the general public, the Saint-Gobain Tower Showroom is an interactive place entirely dedicated to our history, our know-how, our materials and our commitments for the comfort and well-being of all.

Showcase of our know-how

The Showroom at the base of the Saint-Gobain Tower in La Défense, Paris (France), provides visitors with an opportunity to explore Saint-Gobain’s history, innovations and achievements through a guided tour to the heart of our worlds. As they peruse the displays, visitors learn about our areas of expertise, from the founding glassmaking odyssey to the latest space epic. They discover how WiFi in aircraft or a smart windscreen works. They marvel at the performances of our solutions that improve our daily lives and help save the planet.

Experience then take the test

The showroom’s interactive terminals are designed to provide a hands-on experience. Visitors can learn about the benefits of double-glazing, touch products in the material library and download an app to design a bathroom. But how do you experience comfort, the leitmotif behind all Saint-Gobain innovations? By sitting down in the immersion room at the center of the showroom. Here, visitors experience Saint-Gobain’s notion of multi-comfort: acoustic, thermal and visual. Having become an expert in our solutions, products and brands, visitors can test their knowledge of Corporate Social Responsibility. This is an opportunity to learn about our Group’s environment and solidarity roadmap. 

Visible from outside the Tower, the tall totems representing Saint-Gobain’s skyline logo are covered with LEDs. Operating from morning to night, they combine to form a generative artwork that is unique in Europe. Using algorithms, this digital work changes throughout the day. Its aesthetic appearance aside, the work was included in the Showroom to “deliver a message, especially Saint-Gobain’s environmental commitment,” explains designer Abdel Bounane. “This is why we decided to link its change to the usage rate of the three most frequently used environment-related hashtags on social networks: #Sustainability, #Environment and #Ecofriendly,” he adds. The buildings represented on the work will change, like a diagram, throughout the day. At the same time, a tree will grow using an algorithm in response to the CO2 directly emitted by Saint-Gobain Tower. “This is a figurative translation of the air pollution compared with the previous year. It is a way of reminding people that environmental protection must be a day-to-day goal for everyone, just as it is for the Group,” says Abdel Bounane.

Spaces reserved for professionals

Finally, to learn more about the 80 Saint-Gobain solutions used in the Tower, professional customers are invited to continue their visit in the upper levels where they can experience the various types of comfort in real-scale. The 18th and 23rd levels house the “Business Areas” Auditorium and Foyer, and the Open Sky Space on the 37th level includes an exhibition and demonstration of many of the building materials developed by Saint-Gobain. The aim is to allow professionals to experience Saint-Gobain solutions and to show them how they can use them for their own projects. 

Showroom open from 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM Monday to Friday.