Stock Dividend Payment Procedure

At the Annual General Meeting on June 3, 2010, shareholders approved payment of a dividend of €1 per share and the option to receive the dividend in cash or in stock.

Shares allotted in payment of stock dividends will be issued at a price of €28.58, reflecting the maximum 10% discount. This price is equal to 90% of the average of the opening prices quoted for Saint-Gobain shares over the 20 stock market trading sessions preceding the June 3, 2010 Annual General Meeting less the amount of the dividend (€1), rounded up to the next euro cent.

You will receive by post, on or after June 9, a form indicating the number of shares that may be purchased. The form will be sent to you (i) by your bank or broker if you hold bearer shares and/or registered shares recorded in the register kept by your bank or broker, or (ii) by BNP Paribas Securities Services if you hold registered shares recorded in the Company's share register. The completed and signed form should be returned to your bank or broker or to BNP Paribas Securities Services as appropriate.

Dividend timeline
'Record date'June 8, 2010
Ex-dividend dateJune 9, 2010
Dividend reinvestment periodJune 9 to 23, 2010
Divident payment and share issuance dateJuly 2, 2010

You may elect to reinvest* your 2009 dividends, by notifying your bank or broker or BNP Securities Services between June 9 and 23. If the option is not exercised within this period, your dividends will be paid in cash only.

If the amount of the reinvested dividends does not correspond to a whole number of shares, you may choose:

- To receive the next lower whole number of shares with the difference paid in cash,


- The next higher whole number of shares by paying the difference in cash when the option is exercised.

Any deductions or withholdings will be made directly from the amount of the dividend by the custodian bank, in the same way as for cash dividends. Social taxes are deducted at the rate of 12.1% from dividends paid to individual shareholders resident in France, who may also elect for income tax to be withheld at source at a flat rate of 18%.

The new Saint-Gobain shares will be issued on July 2, 2010 and will carry rights to the 2010 dividend.

The Investor Relations team is on hand to answer your questions:

- Call them on 0 800 32 33 33 from France or +33 1 47 62 33 33 from outside France

- Or send an e-mail to

- Or write to:

Compagnie de Saint-Gobain

Investor Relations Department

Les Miroirs

92096 La Défense Cedex (France)

* The option to reinvest the 2009 dividend in new shares of Company stock is not available to shareholders resident in any country where the resulting share issue would have to be registered with or approved by the local securities regulator. Shareholders resident outside France should enquire about and comply with any local restrictions. No dividend reinvestment requests will be accepted from shareholders in countries where these restrictions apply. Shareholders are responsible for determining the conditions and consequences of exercising the dividend reinvestment option under the local laws of their country of residence. When deciding whether or not to exercise the dividend reinvestment option, shareholders should consider the risks associated with an investment in shares.