Covering all the links in the supply chain, these experts in Supply Chain have a hand in all the Group's activities, making our processes smoother, faster and more efficient.

They make a valuable contribution to Saint-Gobain. Combining physical strength and quick thinking, they make sure our products are delivered under the best conditions. In our factories and retail chains, our on-site teams manage the arrival and storage of raw materials and products, and the dispatch and supply of products to our customers.

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These jobs help manage all of the links in the supply chain, and are involved in all of the Group’s operations. 

  • In our plants, our employees manage incoming raw materials, handle their storage before and after production, then arrange for the final products to be sent out and transported to our customers. 
  • In our distribution chains, our employees work on our logistics platforms or directly at our branches in order to manage and store incoming products and assist our customers with procuring them.

In the Group as a whole, we support our customers by maintaining high standards and a friendly atmosphere. Supply chain jobs are essential for delivering quality service and products. 

The job also involves managing supply flows (a key lever for creating value), while working with the marketing departments, suppliers, logistics centers, the import department, and purchasers in the Group’s subsidiaries. 

As a Warehouse Clerk/Forklift Operator, you’ll receive, unload, inspect, label, and store products at the logistics platform and/or site you're assigned to.

Your day-to-day responsibilities

Product logistics! 

You’ll also keep supplies flowing through picking areas based on daily work schedules.

Your versatility will allow you to help prepare orders during busy periods. 

Safety is your priority. 

Your tools

Forklifts. This means you’ll need a CACES 3 permit for this type of equipment.

Your profile and soft skills

You are disciplined, organized, efficient, and accommodating toward our carriers. You are determined. Our Group, a solid leader in its industry, offers you the means to succeed and build a winning career, with ample opportunities for advancement.

Your professional expertise

Before joining Saint-Gobain, you’ve had a least one year of experience in a similar position, and enjoy working in a team. You’re ready to give your all to Saint-Gobain to optimize your logistics flows and satisfy our branches and customers.

As a Flow Manager, you are a central figure in one of the main levers of value creation in specialist distribution, working closely with the marketing departments, suppliers, logistics centers, the import department, and purchasers.

Your day-to-day responsibilities

Optimizing the supply chain. 

You’ll determine the best routes to market for the products, manage suppliers to continuously improve the supply chain, and monitor the product life cycle. 

To accomplish this, you’ll identify logistical channels and supply modes by examining supplier logistics, then make a recommendation on the optimal distribution flow for the product. You’ll also monitor supplier product shortages and implement alternative solutions. You’ll also coordinate the management of the product database in the information systems (creating and introducing new products, tracking de-listed products, etc.)

Your tools

Databases and the IT system (ERP, BI, etc.). You have a keen interest in analyzing data to support the supply chain.

Your profile and soft skills

You’re a good communicator and have good people skills. You are proactive and service-oriented. You like taking the initiative and working in a team to improve our results. 

Your professional expertise

You must be trained in supply chain operations (logistics, production) and have prior experience in logistics, with some skills in logistical negotiation.

As a Logistics Manager, you are a specialist in downstream management. That means you're responsible for facilitating and optimizing the site's order picking, product shipment, and deliveries, while ensuring that our customers are satisfied. 

Your day-to-day responsibilities

You’ll handle appointments for delivery meetings, manage customer relations, arrange transportation, and organize order picking. 

You’ll lead a team of around four people (pickers and drivers) and organize their schedule to maintain customer service and reduce costs, all while enforcing safety and supply chain standards.

Your tools

You’ll manage your department with the help of daily indicators and management software (KPIs, OPIs, Pareto) and will lead multiple continuous improvement projects throughout the year with your teams.

Your profile and soft skills

You enjoy operational management, and you hope to develop your managerial skills. Managing customer relations and customer satisfaction is one of your main concerns.  

Your professional expertise

You have training in engineering or logistics, and you have prior experience managing or optimizing supply flows or overseeing logistics. 

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