One in four Saint-Gobain products sold today did not exist five years ago. Once these products are conceived and designed, the technical and production teams take over. Without them, no product would ever get made.

Discover these artists of the detail, who are the gatekeepers of the quality of our solutions.

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So what is the objective of Saint-Gobain’s technical and production teams? To oversee production processes in order to bring these materials to life. They are responsible for coordinating everything in the plant, where they monitor the production chain, perform preventive and curative maintenance, and ensure profitability. 


Health and safety are central to our corporate culture. We strive to protect all of our employees and partners by developing tools to anticipate and prevent risks. 

As a Unit Manager, you’ll be responsible for boosting your plant’s sales and profitability. You’ll report to the Regional Director. 

Your day-to-day responsibilities

The plant and field work! 

You’ll manage a team of twenty to fifty people and keep the site running smoothly and efficiently, while focusing on results, profitability, budgets, commercial development, production processes, and logistics. 

You’ll also ensure that all personnel and subcontractors follow the company’s internal safety and quality rules.

Your tools

As an expert in field work and strategy, your managerial expertise and sales acumen will help you succeed in this job and advance further at Saint-Gobain.

Your profile and soft skills

Your experience has given you a sense of salesmanship, and your customer-oriented approach is a true performance lever.

Your professional expertise

You must have a higher education degree, at least five years of experience managing a profit center (in manufacturing or distribution), and good familiarity with materials or manufacturing.

As a Process Engineer, you’ll review the processes used to manufacture the products under your purview in order to optimize their quality across the production chain. While adhering to Health, Safety & Environment rules, you’ll offer suggestions for improvement and ensure their implementation.

Your day-to-day responsibilities

Optimizing production processes. 

You’ll analyze them in order to perfect our procedures, equipment, and productivity. You’ll also prepare and run technical training and help develop investment specifications. You’ll scale up new products with the help of the research and plant teams. Lastly, you’ll participate in meetings to prepare budgets, review monthly results, and examine the steps taken to improve.  

Your tools

Continuous improvement tools. By using them in your work, you’ll help raise the quality of our products even higher. 

Your profile and soft skills

Among your colleagues and friends, you are known for your discipline and your excellent analytical ability. You feel completely at home when managing working groups. Your ability to communicate and your penchant for teamwork only enhance this talent. 

Your professional expertise

You have a degree from an engineering school, and are familiar with industrial culture thanks to your earlier experience in this sector. If you join the company, you will be working in English in an international industrial environment.

As a Maintenance Manager, you’ll report to the Plant Manager and will be responsible for making maintenance more efficient by developing your team and implementing a strategy and course of action that will allow you to gradually transition from curative maintenance to preventive maintenance.

Your day-to-day responsibilities

Managing all of your teams' maintenance operations. 

You’ll recruit and train the teams in the mechanical and electrical shops, assisting them with their advancement and managing them on a day-to-day basis. 

You’ll be in charge of projects that will allow our plants to stay up to date, make improvements, and digitize their operations.

You’ll perform maintenance on production equipment in the plant. You’ll also make sure that Saint-Gobain's Health, Safety & Environment policy is followed, update equipment files, and monitor the maintenance budget in order to help the plant develop. 

Your tools

Maintenance processes. You’ll make improvements, maintain facilities, follow ISO 9001, 14001, and 50001, and manage continuous improvement projects using World Class Manufacturing (WMC) methodologies. 

Your profile and soft skills

You are a hands-on person, and are known for your managerial skills. You are able to adapt to different stakeholders, while remaining disciplined. You are proactive, and you enjoy supporting change and actively contributing to improvements on your site.

Your professional expertise

You are an expert in electricity, automation, mechanics, and hydraulics thanks to your more than 10 years of experience in maintenance. You also have prior management experience. 

As a Production Manager, you’ll be in charge of the entire production chain for your product line, dealing with issues such as safety, quality, cost, as well as production deadlines.

Your day-to-day responsibilities

Strategic vision, field experience, and management. 

You’ll keep your plant running by supervising your team and organizing the work of all the departments in order to meet safety, performance, quality, and deadline requirements, while maintaining an adequate work environment and good working conditions. 

You’ll prepare replacements and optimize internal organization to provide everyone with some flexibility and to continuously develop production facilities.

You’ll support, develop, and assist your teams and liaise with all of the departments in the plant to ensure optimum overall performance.

Your tools

You’ll use your people skills and your ability to analyze and plan ahead to maintain a calm environment in the plant and achieve production objectives. 

Your profile and soft skills

You are methodical, hands-on, disciplined, and self-sufficient. You are also action-oriented, which enables you to rally your teams to make the necessary improvements and increase workshop performance.

Your professional expertise

You know how to enforce safety rules and standards. You have significant experience in production as a supervisor or production coordinator, which you acquired after your studies.

As a Maintenance Technician, you are able to diagnose and resolve breakdowns and service the equipment.

Your day-to-day responsibilities

Performing curative, corrective, and preventive maintenance on the production lines. 

You’ll inspect, monitor, and regularly service the equipment. You’ll offer solutions to optimize safety and performance. 

You’ll also advise and train users on how to use the infrastructures, and update technical data.

Your tools

Your independence and your ability to operate in any technical field.

Your profile and soft skills

You are thorough and quick with resolving breakdowns, and you enjoy working in a team. 

Your professional expertise

You have training in industrial maintenance (or the equivalent) and prior experience in the field, which allows you to provide valuable technical support to operators and the department you’re assigned to. 


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