Last year, Anna Toborek and Joanna Machera (Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice - Poland) were the winners of the 2019 Multi Comfort contest. Their "Co living" creation bring them to the top of the competition and has been recognized by jury members as a relevant Multi Comfort Project. Here is what they have to say about their experience in the International stage of Multi Comfort Student Contest!                     

Joanna Machera:

Participation in the Multi Comfort Student Contest 2019 was mainly a wonderful experience and a great opportunity for me. Winning the international final allowed me to believe in my abilities and brought an extraordinary dose of energy to further develop and expand my skills. It is a great start for my professional future in the field of architecture, and the effort and enormous amount of work put into the project, were a fantastic practice that resulted in incredible success. It was worth taking this time, thanks to which I gained new skills and a lot of knowledge about both sustainable development as well as modern and ecological technologies, which will certainly be useful in my future professional career. I learned a lot about Saint-Gobain’s solutions and products that contribute to improving the quality of our lives by using them in our projects. In addition, I would like to point out that the international finale of the 15th edition of the competition was my third start in this competition and the third wonderful adventure in the form of a trip to the international stage and the opportunity to meet so many inspiring people from around the world. The trip to the final is already an incredible prize and I recommend everyone to experience this chance! I can add from myself that it is worth deepening your knowledge and never giving up, because in our case it resulted in an amazing success. With each following edition, we have gained more and more knowledge and skills, which certainly contributed to our victory. In addition, we are very happy that this year we have received such a great award which is an internship in a professional architectural studio in Milan. It is a wonderful experience for us, a lot of new knowledge and another unforgettable adventure. It is worth participating in this competition and never giving up, because not only winning the main prize, but participation in the international final is an amazing experience and we recommend everyone to experience it!

Anna Toborek:

The Multi Comfort Student Contest organized by Saint-Gobain was an amazing opportunity for us to gain valuable experience, development opportunities and a better start to our professional career. Participation in the competition allowed us to expand our knowledge of modern technologies, as well as energy-saving and ecological solutions that are extremely important nowadays. In our project, we focused on the problem of air pollution, which is visible in Milan. We used innovative purification technologies that will significantly minimize the problem of smog air pollution, and we have created green spaces, environmentally friendly, and above all attractive to residents. We want to continue to create projects that will not only be interesting in terms of architecture, but also interesting in terms of used solutions that improve the quality of our environment and life in it. The competition was not only an opportunity to gain huge professional experience and test our strength during the presentation of the project, but also to make many interesting acquaintances with students from around the world, learn about their projects and their views on the same design problem from different sides. Winning at the international finals was for us the culmination of the hard work put into this project, which ended in remarkable success and opened new opportunities for us as architects. We hope that the competition will still attract new students with new visions of architecture and will be for them the same amazing adventure as it was for us.

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