Using our potential for local consumption to foster the development of local renewable energy networks

Affordable And Clean Energy


  • for civil society: we are a member of the ETC (Energy Transition Commission) whose aim is to accelerate the transition to a low-carbon energy system

In the short term, the actions performed involve the reduction of energy consumption and, in the medium and long term, the transition to the use of decarbonized energy, in particular the transition to the use of green electricity.

The WCM program and the specific action plans for continuous "energy" and "CO2" improvement structure the action plans.

Short- and medium-term actions also include investments in optimization and energy efficiency processes. Pragmatically, we identify and analyze projects for which rapid gains can be measured. The analysis also takes into account the impact on competitiveness and applies the rules related to the introduction of the internal carbon price. For example, we encourage the installation of energy and heat recovery systems.

SDG targets

7.2: Share of renewable electricity in total electricity consumption

7.3: Monitoring the goal to reduce energy consumption by 15% between 2010 and 2025

7.3: Total energy consumption of entire Group