To be inclusive by promoting equal opportunities:

Gender Equality


  • for employees: we work to create an environment conducive to fairness and equality, which is crucial to employees’ professional growth, while fostering training and the cohesion of high-performance operational teams; 

    The increase in the gender diversity of teams is based on a voluntarist recruitment policy and on action plans for occupational promotion, equal pay, training and work/life balance. Gender diversity targets were set: 30% of women manager by 2025, 25% of women senior managers by 2025, and 40% of women managers recruited by 2025. They are monitored each quarter by the Executive Committee. They have been developed by country and Business Units and are integrated into the performance criteria that determine the annual variable compensation of senior managers. At Group level, each monthly meeting of the Human Resources Committee has a section dedicated to women with the aim of boosting career opportunities.

    These objectives were strengthened in 2020 to promote the access of women to the Group’s management bodies:
    - 30% women membership of Group Executive Committee in 2025;
    - an average of 30% women membership on the Executive Committees of Business Units in 2025

  • for local communities: The Saint-Gobain India Foundation has dedicated itself to improving the living conditions of the most destitute people by supporting educational projects, particularly for young girls. 
    In France, employees can choose to support a young woman through the Capital Filles program, or with Rêv’Elles. To learn more, it is possible to follow the "Unconscious Bias" training on Boost, or to attend workshops, organized on an ad hoc basis, such as those on "Visibility" or "Street Harassment" by the Fondation des Femmes.


SDG targets

4.2.2.B URD 2023: Hiring rate by gender M/F

4.2.2.B URD 2023: Employee distribution by gender (M/F)

4.2.2.B URD 2023: Share of women managers among managers

4.2.2.B URD 2023: Ratio of total average male to female remuneration

4.2.2.B URD 2023: Share of women on the Executive Committee

5.1.2.D URD 2023: Share of women on the Board of Directors