Being inclusive by encouraging equal opportunities

Reduced Inequalities


  • for employees: we are working to create an environment conducive to fairness and equality, which is crucial to employees’ professional growth, while fostering training and the cohesion of high-performance operational teams;
  • for local communities: wherever we are present, we commit to promote inclusion and diversity in all its forms: gender, nationalities, training, career paths, generational diversity, disabilities and ethnic and social origins.


We value and strive for diversity among our staff. Mutual respect and a policy of equal treatment in terms of recruitment, access to promotions, professional training and compensation are the main levers for action.


10.2 and 10.3: Percentage of employees under 30

10.2 and 10.3: Percentage of employees aged 30 to 50

10.2 and 10.3: Percentage of employees aged over 50

10.2 and 10.3: Total incidents, including disability, harassment, ethnic origin, gender and other