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Saint-Gobain has been involved in digital modelling and then in BIM (Building Information Modelling) since 2004. BIM is based on the founding principle of sharing information in real time between all of the participants involved in a construction project. Thanks to BIM, the participants involved can view a digital model of a future building before it takes shape physically. The main aim of these new tools is to make building sector interlocutors’ lives easier, by helping them to work more collectively, by making their construction sites more secure, and by saving time. Saint-Gobain would now like to make this new working method more accessible by supporting all of its customers, partners, and the entire construction sector (Building, Infrastructure, and Public Works) in this digital revolution that BIM represents. This goal will be carried out with the tools and services that Saint-Gobain is developing via its brands: discover a few of innovative initiatives in this area.

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