At Saint-Gobain, the health of our employees and our customers is our top priority. Faced with the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic, the Saint-Gobain group quickly organized itself, all over the world.

We have implemented protective measures in order to continue to meet the essential expectations of our customers and partners, in strict compliance with local and national rules and directives. In our various countries of operation, business continuity plans have been prepared for all critical sites that require them. Remote work and separate work teams without contact with each other have been set up. The Group, well armed in the face of the crisis, reacted with great agility.

We have every reason to be confident in Saint-Gobain’s growth prospects and in its ability to emerge stronger from the crisis, during which all employees have shown their solidarity and the strength of the Group's values.

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Digital pour tous : comment réduire la fracture numérique dans le monde d’après.

Digital pour tous : comment réduire la fracture numérique dans le monde d’après.

Transition numérique

Transition numérique

" La crise du Covid-19 a donné naissance à une révolution numérique mondiale."
Jamel Medjahed
Directeur de l’agence de communication solidaire Efficience
Les plafonds se recyclent

Recycled ceilings

The new Saint-Gobain Ecophon® SoundCircularity™ service launched in France is part of a circular economy approach with a complete support solution for recycling end-of-life products.

Pont 3D

3D printing making headway

The longest bridge ever built using 3D printing is located in Nijmegen, Netherlands, at the Saint-Gobain Weber Beamix factory.


POINT.P goes international

The French retailer's export department, which was stopped in its tracks by the health crisis, is once again taking to the skies to supply its customers' construction sites abroad.


More cullet, less CO2

In France, the Aniche flat glass plant has launched a "Tri Calcin" [Cullet Sorting] project. The aim is to significantly reduce its CO2 emissions and recycle the glass available from local renovation sites.

Carbon Fund

Three Carbon Fund winners

In the UK, a biomass heating system, a photovoltaic solar panel and insulation solution, and air source heat pumps will be financed through the Carbon Fund launched in Northern Europe.