To create inclusive growth in the countries where it operates:

No Poverty


  • for employees: we provide our employees with high-quality jobs. For example, the Group has launched on January 1, 2020, CARE by Saint-Gobain: a social protection program for all Group employees and their families. The coverage is defined to meet basic daily healthcare needs but also to support key moments of family life: 

-daily medical monitoring of families and access to care, by covering health costs (doctor visits or hospitalization) at least at a rate of at least 80%; 
-the arrival of a child in his family, including adoption procedures, by paying at least 14 weeks of maternity leave with full pay and 3 days of paternity leave with full pay; 
-death, by providing the family with financial capital representing at least one year of the employee's salary. 
By 2023, 100% of Saint-Gobain employees and their families will enjoy the full benefits of the CARE by Saint-Gobain program.

  • for local communities: we contribute to economic development and local employment. 

In a changing world, the Group’s new, simpler and more agile organization relies on internal and external resources to accelerate transformation, with the objective of creating shared value with our stakeholders.

SDG targets

3.5.4 URD2023: Investments in projects in favor of local communities

3.5.3.A URD2023: CARE by Saint-Gobain program