Creating conditions guaranteeing quality jobs for our employees

Decent Work And Economic Growth


  • for employees: our OPEN program (Our People in an Empowering Network) is a management tool that aims to reinforce the satisfaction of employees. In January 2023, Saint-Gobain was once again awarded the Top Employer Global certification for the 8th consecutive year and is one of 15 companies worldwide who have received this certification label, awarded by the Top Employers Institute.

    Since 2019, the global satisfaction survey “me@saint-gobain” is sent to all employees to define action plans to work on areas requiring improvement. With a participation rate of 87% in 2023, over 126,470 employees have expressed themselves. Results include:
    - The commitment index reaching 83%. 
    - 85% of respondents recommend Saint-Gobain
    - 85% of respondents consider their working conditions to be good.

  • for suppliers: The Group’s suppliers that are signatories are committed to guaranteeing decent working conditions. In an environment where supply chains are becoming more complex, and where the collective awareness of the impacts on stakeholders related to purchasing is growing, this program aims to integrate ethical requirements into the purchasing process, both for suppliers, based on the supplier charter, and for buyers, by applying the buyer charter.
  • for civil society: as part of the Global Deal, we commit to ensuring decent work for all

We have an ethical and professional alert system that is accessible to employees as well as all other stakeholders (customers, suppliers, shareholders, trade unions, NGOs, local communities, etc) to report any breaches, in particular to the code of ethics. Implemented in 2020, a platform enables to collect alerts and exchange with whistleblowers, including anonymously.
We ensure that all employees on our sites, including temporary workers and subcontractors, have safe working conditions and environments by identifying, reducing and controlling risks. 

At the highest level, the management has demonstrated its involvement in the development of a culture of safety within the Group. All meetings of the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee include safety performance reviews. The operational management is responsible everywhere and guarantees all aspects of safety: objectives, action plans and performance measurement. To underline this commitment, part of managers’ variable compensation is based on actions and results, in terms of security.


4.2.2.AURD2023: Layoff rate

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4.2.2.AURD2023: Number of incidents involving forced or compulsory labor

4.2.2.AURD2023: Other human rights incidents, including child labor

4.2.2.AURD2023: Number of signed and active agreements with employee


4.2.2.AURD2023: Group accident frequency rate (TRAR)

4.2.2.AURD2023: Number of sites with Health and Safety certification (OHSAS 18001 - ILO OSH 2001 - ISO 45000)

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