The beating heart of all our projects: the human element! Welcome to the exciting and exhilarating world of Human Resources!

Thanks to their constant support, their thoughtful followup and their strategic decisions, each department at Saint-Gobain is able to give its best. 

Do you have that special kind of intelligence that lets you bring people to that place where they can unleash their greatest potential? If so, you just might make a great addition to our Human Resources team!

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With more than 3,000 job listings currently open on our recruitment site, Saint-Gobain needs an army of experts to manage the thousands of applications received every day from around the world, meet with the applicants, and guide them through the hiring process. 

Ensuring employee well-being.

Every employee is supervised by an HR representative to help them with their careers and internal mobility. Every year, around 4,200 managers worldwide receive transfers, with 20% of them making a career change.  In our Group, the opportunities for functional and geographic mobility are endless

Being a member of our HR team means ensuring the well-being of our 166,000 employees worldwide, while also listening to their concerns and meeting with any prospective talent looking to apply to Saint-Gobain. 

As an HR Assistant, you are responsible for ensuring that administrative procedures are followed, and will serve an essential link between your entity’s employees and managers.

Your day-to-day responsibilities

You’ll be working in personnel administration and helping the Human Resources Managers.

You’ll maintain employee records, from contracts to progress reports. To accomplish this, you’ll need to be well acquainted with labor law by keeping an eye on the legal terrain. 

When appropriate, you’ll monitor employee time and work management, which will also allow you to check payroll variables and establish statistical dashboard data for the rest of the HR teams, whom you will also help out when it comes to recruitment, workforce management, and sorting personnel files. 

Working in direct contact with the Group’s employees, you’ll answer their day-to-day questions and offer them guidance, while maintaining a helpful attitude.

Your tools

HR management and payroll interface tools. Employee files.  

Your profile and soft skills

Your interpersonal skills will be essential. You are extensively familiar with administrative HR processes, which allows you to process data with discipline and enthusiasm.   

Your professional expertise

You have training in human resources or payroll management, and are independent and involved in your tasks. You love to help people in your everyday life, and are able to support the Human Resources team thanks to your familiarity with the main office systems. 

As an HR Officer, you will help the HR personnel under your purview provide guidance for one or more Saint-Gobain brands. 

Your day-to-day responsibilities

Personnel administration and HR development. 

You’ll supervise payroll for your sector, and manage labor relations and personnel administration on a day-to-day basis. You’ll assist employees with internal and international mobility, and assist managers with work interviews and salary reviews. 

You’ll determine recruitment needs in coordination with the central Talent Acquisition teams, establish work contracts, and organize onboarding processes, while also overseeing departure processes. 

Your tools

Our human resources information system and payroll software. Employees are your priority. You will safeguard their well-being by ensuring that their skills and aspirations converge using the tracking tables.

Your profile and soft skills

You are methodical, and you know how to follow processes to leave no room for error. You seek to improve and simplify procedures to increase their effectiveness. You are in touch with multiple contacts.

Your professional expertise

Although your expertise is constantly evolving, you’ve studied Human Resources and have additional experience with skills management and payroll software. 

As a Human Resources Manager or Business Partner HR Manager, you are the go-to HR person in your area. It is your job to connect the operational departments with the employees/applicants they need. 

Your day-to-day responsibilities

Helping to implement and develop our HR policy.

You’ll determine the managers’ skills needs and advise them on a day-to-day basis to optimize their teams. You’ll proceed with recruitment and facilitate the internal mobility and onboarding of new employees. 

You’ll follow up on training plans, conduct annual interviews, and ensure the Group’s employee compensation policy is followed.

You’ll also serve as the main contact point for personnel representative bodies, and implement the Group’s labor relations policy.

Your tools

The HR policy! You’ll also have an ATS, onboarding tools, and of course, our employer brand, which will support you in all your communications. 

Your profile and soft skills

You are known for your responsiveness and interpersonal skills, and are dedicated to ensuring employee well-being and advancement. You are capable of identifying each person’s skills and helping employees advance.

Your professional expertise

You have a Master 1 or Master 2 degree in business or employment law, which has given you the necessary background knowledge in labor law, and the HR vision you need to provide the best possible guidance to your internal customers.

As a Talent Acquisition Specialist, you’ll be in charge of the entire recruitment process and will address issues related to our employer brand and our internal mobility. 

Your day-to-day responsibilities

Recruiting new employees and implementing the Group’s HR development plan. 

You’ll determine the managers’ needs to augment their teams and implement the appropriate sourcing strategy. You’ll screen and interview potential candidates, and submit your recommendation. 

You’ll keep the recruitment process running smoothly, including by monitoring KPIs to improve the process, verify the objectives reached, and expand the pool of candidates. 

You’ll provide your expertise in evaluating soft skills, and ensure that everyone enjoys the best possible experience.

Your tools

The job listing site, the career site, job boards, social media, and student forums.  The HR network and the managers have identified you as the top recruitment specialist. 

Your profile and soft skills

You are responsive and have excellent people skills, and are able to reconcile quality and timeliness. Your ability to adapt and listen allows you to quickly fit into a dynamic environment and manage a variety of desired profiles. You are strongly business-oriented, allowing you to understand and optimally support your internal customers.

Your professional expertise

You have a higher education degree in human resources, and are an expert in sourcing tools. You enjoy public relations and digital technology, and are passionate about HR innovation. Your proficiency in English allows you to discuss best practices with your counterparts in other countries and confirm the applicants’ language skills. 

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When I make sure we’re recruiting the right people in the factory, matching the right people with the right functions, I know that I am playing my part in ensuring the excellence of an entire company from the ground floor!

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