Innovation at Saint-Gobain

Research and Innovation are at the heart of the Saint-Gobain’s strategy.

Our passion for materials, our proximity to customers, and our skills allow us to address market’s needs, to anticipate coming needs and to shorten development time.

Our dedication to materials

Materials science, industrial processes understanding and implementation of relevant tests to validate and optimize the performance of products in their end application play an integral part in our expertise. They allow our multidisciplinary team (mechanic, materials science, physics, chemistry, optics and mathematics …) to develop new products which represent an added-value to our customers.

Serving our customers

We are committed to listen carefully to our customers in order to understand their needs and challenges they face. By fully focusing on what our customers want, we develop with them and for them the most adapted solutions at each step of the research project.

Being responsive to the feedbacks of our customers help us evaluating their satisfaction and underline aspects that have to be improved to achieve customer service excellence.

Indeed, to meet and exceed our customer needs and applications, new scientific profiles join our team in research centers: designers, data scientists, sociologists… They bring new approach such as design thinking, new product development, systems and services.

Teams at the heart of digital transformation and committed to sustainable development

Anticipate skills to be developed and explore new areas of technology while caring the future of our planet are in the R&D teams DNA of Saint-Gobain.

To fulfill this vision, we developed new competencies in areas such as data science and electronics, research programs launched related to connected objects, robotics and additive manufacturing.

Thanks to these skills and programs, the R&D teams can support actively support the digital strategy of Saint-Gobain through, for example 4.0 industry topics in order to improve industrial performance or data analysis topics to offer the best quality service to our clients.

As these aspects truly matters to Saint-Gobain, we keep on promoting awareness and training teams in R&D and marketing to the importance of eco-innovation. During the entire course of the project, we highly consider the development of new sustainable solutions and improvement of existing solutions in areas such as health and well-being, energy and climate, water, resources and circular economy.

Researchers : our life blood

We can count on about 4,000 employees working in R&D who are a rich talent pool for Saint-Gobain. To attract and retain these talents, we offer them geographical mobility and evolution opportunities in R&D or in other functions such as marketing or production.

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The Superpowers of Everyday Materials

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When Glass Defies the Limits of the Imagination

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Saint-Gobain Web review The webzine around our business

French multinational, Saint-Gobain the world leading manufacturer and distributor of building materials invests in UK robotics company Q-Bot, as part of a £3.6m Series A investment.

From - Fri, 24/01/2020 - 17:13
Saint-Gobain is pleased to announce their investment in Q-Bot, the UK’s leader in robotics for the construction industry. Saint-Gobain is a €42-billion-turnover French multinational that develops, manufactures and distributes materials and building solutions for construction, transportation, infrastructure and industrial applications

Hamilton Labs Hub for Constructions

From - Thu, 28/11/2019 - 09:26
Singapore-based construction 3D printing company Hamilton Holdings has teamed up with Ang Cheng Guan Construction (ACG) and Saint-Gobain to establish Hamilton Labs Additive Manufacturing & Robotics Hub and to drive 3D concrete printing and digital construction in Singapore. The Hub will see the deployment of robotics, automation technologies and advanced manufacturing methodologies. In the collaboration, Saint-Gobain will take on the role of exclusive materials supply and R&D innovations in the additive manufacturing space. Saint-Gobain’s well-established track record in building materials make them an ideal partner in the Hub. Ang Cheng Guan Construction brings with them a wide spectrum of building

Un vitrage qui s'opacifie sur demande ! - Santé Atlantique, Nantes - YouTube

From - Fri, 13/09/2019 - 16:59
A Nantes, Santé-Atlantique a fait le choix de l’innovation pour améliorer le confort de ses patients !

En équipant son service ambulatoire d’espaces d’accueil « Îlots » de verres PRIVA-LITE à occultation commandée, Santé-Atlantique offre à ses patients un espace privé et intime se dés-opacifiant sur demande !

Esthétiques et innovants, ces îlots ont été pensés par AIA ARCHITECTES et installés par Verre Solutions Nantes.  Découvrez leurs témoignages en vidéo !

The Best Architecture Projects of 2019 According to Time Magazine

From - Mon, 02/09/2019 - 14:31

The best #architecture projects of 2019 list celebrates 100 destinations in the world to visit, stay, eat and drink. Selected by the Time magazine global team of editors, the places have been evaluated based on quality, originality, innovation, sustainability and social impact. The V&A Dundee and the National Museum of Qatar are both using Saint-Gobain products!

Enterprise Innovation in Saint-Gobain’s DNA

From - Fri, 14/06/2019 - 17:51
Innovation has always been at the core of what we’ve done as a company. For the past 353 years, that’s who we have been: Innovators.

[L'industrie c'est fou] LumiPod, une petite maison made in France à poser dans la nature - L'industrie c'est fou

From - Fri, 10/05/2019 - 09:12

[L'industrie c'est fou] #LumiPod, une petite maison made in France à poser dans la nature, développé en partenariat avec Saint-Gobain > La caractéristique clef de la petite maison est sa fenêtre. Il s’agit en fait du produit breveté par Lumicene : une vaste baie vitrée coulissante en forme de courbe à 180 degrés. Ce produit est fabriqué à Chambéry (Savoie) par Sovedys (filiale de Saint-Gobain). Il a été conçu pour “réinventer la relation dedans-dehors dans le logement”. “Il optimise les apports solaires et s’inscrit dans une démarche d’habitat à énergie positive”.

L'innovation permanente, une culture à développer dans les grandes entreprises

From - Thu, 21/03/2019 - 14:17

« Clairement l'innovation s'accélère et c'est directement lié à l'émergence du numérique »

Pierre-André de Chalendar, le PDG du groupe Saint-Gobain

Sekurit mise sur le pare-brise du futur « made in France »

From - Fri, 15/03/2019 - 13:45
Pour la filiale de Saint-Gobain, la connectivité et la demande grandissante de confort dans les automobiles font de son produit un véritable gisement d'innovations.

Leaders Talk Kandu : l’impact du bien-être au travail sur la productivité des entreprises

From - Wed, 20/02/2019 - 11:45

De nombreuses études prouvent aujourd’hui, l’impact non négligeable du bien-être au travail sur la productivité et la fidélisation des collaborateurs. Pour en savoir plus sur les solutions efficaces Kandu, rendez-vous sur

This 350-year-old company is getting into the accelerator game

From - Thu, 14/02/2019 - 10:00
The external ventures arm of Malvern-based Saint-Gobain is on the hunt for startups disrupting the building and construction game.

Automobile : toutes les nouveautés du CES 2019 de Las Vegas

From - Wed, 09/01/2019 - 08:52
Le pare-brise développé par Saint-Gobain sert d'écran sur lequel sont projetées diverses informations.

La France championne d'Europe de l'innovation

From - Mon, 23/07/2018 - 15:21

TOP 100. La R&D française excelle dans certains domaines, plaçant le pays au 3e rang mondial de l'innovation, derrière le Japon et les Etats-Unis.

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