4BIRD: the glass that protects birds

To avoid accidental bird collisions on building glazings, the 4BIRD® product family offers different solutions to bring more visibility to these transparent surfaces without compromising on their technical performances. This is also what sustainable construction is all about.

4 BIRD : le vitrage qui protège les oiseaux

Every year, in the US alone, a billion birds die as a result of collisions with glass surfaces. In Germany, it is estimated that there are 100 million fatal collisions per year[1]


These collisions are far from being the leading cause of bird mortality, but they could nevertheless be reduced significantly thanks to Saint-Gobain Glass’ 4BIRD® solutions. 

Following official guidelines in Europe and North America, the 4BIRD® product family offers different ways to protect birds without forfeiting the energy efficiency or aesthetics of the glazing. 

The 4BIRD®Frit series features silk-screened patterns on the double glazing to make it easier for birds to spot the obstacle at close range. This range was developed to combine these patterns with COOL-LITE® solar control coatings without compromising on the thermal protection and energy-saving performance of the glazing. These solutions are simpler, more cost-effective and more versatile than previously possible. 

The 4BIRD®Etch series features patterns acid-etched directly on COOL-LITE® solar control glass. This is made possible by the EASYPRO® protective coating technology. This more technical solution is also more discreet to the human eye, but no less effective. 

The 4BIRD® family is still incubating its latest products, which should hatch later in 2022: 4BIRD®Lami for solutions directly integrated in the PVB film (PolyVinylButyral) of laminated glass, and 4BIRD®UV which consists of a UV coating that is only visible to birds. 

All 4BIRD® solutions have been evaluated by the American Bird Conservancy and recognized as effective in protecting birds. To be sustainable, construction looks at its carbon footprint, which materials are used; with such anti-collision glazing solutions, construction also takes care of the biodiversity that lives alongside all of us. 

[1] Data provided by local biodiversity protection associations