Agilium®, the future of piping

Available in January 2023, PAM Building’s new Agilium® system takes a quantum leap in wastewater and stormwater disposal with its reduced weight and carbon footprint.


PAM Building is the Saint-Gobain Group company specialized in the manufacture and marketing of wastewater and stormwater evacuation systems for buildings. At its Bayard-sur-Marne site (France), after 4 years of research and development, a new cast iron water evacuation system, lighter but just as resistant, has been created.

Its name is Agilium®. It weighs 30% less than a similar cast iron product and reduces CO2 emissions during manufacturing by 20%. It also has new connections, designed to take up less space, fire safety as efficient as ever and optimal acoustic comfort.

These exceptional advances are in addition to the in-depth work carried out by PAM Building, which has set ambitious sustainability targets: its 2030 roadmap, for example, aims to reduce CO2 emissions by 80% compared to 2017 levels. Not to mention that the systems manufactured by the company are 100% recyclable and come from 99% recycled materials. In 2021, PAM Building recycled the equivalent of 21,000 cars into cast iron.

With the weight reduction offered by Agilium®, water evacuation systems are easier to handle, making construction work less arduous. This is an advantage that should appeal to professionals in the sector, who are also concerned about reducing the carbon footprint of their projects. The first customers to benefit from the Agilium® system will be in France (where the solution was designed and manufactured), but the United Kingdom should be able to purchase it within a few months!