AmpliSky plays with light patterns

Saint-Gobain Sekurit's AmpliSky opacifying sunroof has been enhanced with new features. The latest development is the integration of ambient lighting, customized with each manufacturer. Co-development is at work. 

Atmosphere guaranteed! Saint-Gobain Sekurit's AmpliSky line, launched mid-2019, includes a new functionality. These opacifying car roofs, which already offer passengers the possibility of adjusting the intensity of light - and therefore heat - in the passenger compartment, will now add a lighting system.

"Thanks to the embedded LEDs, the sunroof itself becomes a source of ambient light, which radically transforms the upper space of the vehicle," explains Thibaut Heitz, Director of Innovation and R&D at Saint-Gobain Sekurit. There are many variations: you can combine different colors and play with a whole range of patterns. "This is something we work on with each carmaker, on a customized basis.”

This innovation, which responds to the ever strong demand from carmakers to renew the on-board experience, is based on co-development. "It is thanks to this collaborative work, right from the design stage, that we are able to come up with the best solutions for the end customer.” The AmpliSky range’s new functionality ticks a number of boxes: the manufacturer makes the choice for each vehicle model of the design; and passengers can, by simple tactile activation, interact on the lighting ambience they want within the cabin. In a market marked by uncertainty, carmakers are turning to what appears to be a strong vector of differentiation.