Boucheron invites Saint-Gobain for a collection of holographic high jewelry

The result of an unprecedented collaboration with Saint-Gobain, the new collection from the famous jeweler Boucheron borrows an industrial process that adorns the jewels with iridescent reflections.

Boucheron - collection holographique

After collaborating with NASA, the Boucheron house is inviting Saint-Gobain this year around creations that push back the limits of fine jewelry. Masterful, they will have required nearly 2 years of work and borrow from the Saint-Gobain group a new technique never used in the world of jewelry.

To transform these jewels into real strobes, Saint-Gobain applied a hot spray of powder oxides of silver and titanium on ceramic or rock crystal. It will take about ten coats to achieve this dazzling shine. Rarely has a Boucheron collection been so colorful.

Inspired by light, the “Carte Blanche, Holographique” collection offers many shades such as blue, pink, yellow and green ...

Dazzling colors!

Photo Credits: BOUCHERON.

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"Celebrating the magic of color, these pieces crafted of fines strips of crystal took their cues from light itself: at the heart of the inspiration for this collection, but most of all, essential for its creation. In perpetual motion, ever evolving in each environment in which it sits, this avant-garde set is truly the shining star of the Holographic collection."