eHome2, an anniversary crowned with success

The eHome2 project, which tests our construction solutions in extreme conditions, has just celebrated its first anniversary. An opportunity to review the results of these tests and the performance of our solutions.

eHome2, un anniversaire couronné de succès

A collaboration between the University of Salford, construction companies Barratt Developments and Bellway, and Saint-Gobain, the eHome2 research project has celebrated its first anniversary in early 2024. This important milestone has been marked by the publication of the first results of its initial phase of tests carried out on two prototype homes, subjected to extreme conditions of heat, cold, wind and snow.

These tests confirm that new homes, compliant with the Future Home Standard (FHS), can be built on schedule and at the required scale. FHS requires an 80% reduction in CO2 emissions compared with current homes and will become the standard for all homes built in the UK from 2025 onwards. eHome2 has revealed that the prototypes are 3.6% more efficient than expected at the design stage. These are very satisfactory results for a new house, where energy efficiency shortfalls are generally between 5% and 140%.

This is further proof of this remarkable leap in quality. The two houses tested demonstrated their ability to maintain a high level of thermal comfort in cold and hot conditions ranging from -20°C to +40°C (the range in which 95% of mankind lives), with a ventilation system that was 6.3% more efficient than expected.

The results are clear: the expertise and solutions are there, and off-site construction of houses provides excellent performance. The ability to take a global view of the design, and to coordinate the various products and systems used in the construction process, will be essential to achieving the targets set. Product availability and training professionals to master the materials and processes will also be major challenges.