Emerging technologies at the service of sustainable construction

Faced with the increasing cost of conventional construction methods and the labor shortages in the sector, Saint-Gobain Research India has conducted a study and is publishing a white paper on emerging technologies in the construction of affordable, sustainable housing. Innovations that look set to shape the future of the construction industry.

Les technologies émergentes au service de la construction durable

India, one of Asia’s largest developing economies, is experiencing fast urban development and a growing demand for homes. The Indian real estate sector is expected to reach the 1,000 billion dollar mark by 2030, and affordable housing has become one of the most dynamic segments in this sector.
To meet this demand, the Indian government is promoting various innovative construction technologies to resolve the problems associated with traditional construction, such as safety, productivity, construction quality, sustainability and labor recruitment.

Saint-Gobain Research India, together with HDFC Capital Advisors Limited, one of the country’s largest private real estate investment managers, has conducted an in-depth study into these emerging technologies, which are starting to gain a foothold on the Indian affordable housing market. In total, 8 technologies were evaluated, grouped into 3 categories: precast concrete, formwork and steel structure.

The study aims to understand the needs of occupants, contractors, construction companies and other stakeholders by highlighting the main features of each technology, its technical and commercial advantages over conventional construction, and the current challenges of and obstacles to its adoption.

The results of this study, published in the form of a white paper entitled “Emerging Construction Technologies in Indian Residential Real Estate Sector”, are available here.