At the heart of research

Saint-Gobain in Italy is supporting COVID-19 research in the hope of avoiding a new wave of the epidemic.

Act today to contain future potential risks. This is why Saint-Gobain Italy has committed to supporting the Sodalitas Foundation, of which it is a member, and its “COVID-19 after the emergency” research project. Developed jointly with Milan University's Department of Medical Sciences and Luigi Sacco Clinics recognized for their excellence in fighting Coronaviruses, this research project aims to find the most effective ways of eradicating any future COVID-19 epidemics.

A two-phase program:

  • The Group has donated €50,000 to Sodalitas Foundation as a contribution to the project’s two phases. The first phase will focus on molecular epidemiological tracking of COVID-19 to study its genetic make-up. The aim is to identify the source of the epidemic, and establish its dispersion pathways and trajectories across northern Italy. This will involve molecular mapping of the actual virus, its isolation and sequencing its strains from hospitalized patients.
  • The second phase will seek to develop new pharmacological responses based on a series of antiviral compounds and then test their effectiveness in vitro. The ultimate aim is to gain far more extensive knowledge of the virus and identify pharmacological responses in the event of any new epidemics. It is crucial not to be taken by surprise in the event any new wave of the COVID-19 virus and to develop effective and durable solutions within a longer-term perspective