High performance solutions for more sustainable construction

Becoming the worldwide leader in light and sustainable construction means offering high-performance, sustainable solutions to our customers in the construction markets. Saint-Gobain High Performance Solutions is committed to this.

Des solutions de haute performance pour une construction plus durable

Protecting with high-performance technical textiles, protecting with fiberglass reinforcement grids, improving comfort and reduce energy consumption with window films... High Performance Solutions offers many innovations to our construction customers to improve the sustainability of their buildings and infrastructures.

Regarding abrasives for example, the SEAM (European Sustainable Abrasives Manufacturers) program commits all players in the supply chain to manufacture, process, supply and distribute abrasives according to established sustainability standards. By joining this program since January 2020, Norton thus offers its end customers better and sustainable solutions, with full transparency. A commitment that involves constant research to optimize the manufacturing of solutions. The Surface Solutions BU has implemented production techniques and developed new raw materials to eliminate naphthalene, which is harmful to health and the environment, in the manufacture of abrasives. An initiative that made it possible to reach the goal of zero naphthalene by the end of 2020. The net effect on the carbon footprint is estimated to be -30% reduction in absolute terms compared to the previous year. The products are not only more responsible, but also more efficient – a significant gain for customers.

Sustainable construction also means reducing energy costs in buildings and improving user comfort. Solar Gard window films reject up to 86% of the sun's heat and can reduce building energy costs by 30%.

High Perfomance Solutions are also committed to develop solutions to extend the life of buildings and infrastructures, thus minimizing their environmental impact.  Saint-Gobain ADFORS, the leader in technical textiles for the construction industry, contributes to this by offering solutions in fiberglass and synthetic fibers. For example, GlasGrid®, a fiberglass anti-cracking reinforcement grid, extends the life of roads by 300%, considerably reducing maintenance costs and therefore environmental impact.

More recently, Saint-Gobain’s acquisition of Chryso further strengthens the Group leadership in sustainable construction, by developing chemical solutions that help to create sustainable building materials.