A joint laboratory for more sustainable materials

Saint-Gobain has teamed up with two material science laboratories to set up a new extra-mural organization known as MATILDE. A collaboration that aims to extend the life of materials and reduce their carbon footprint to increase the sustainability of construction for tomorrow.

Un laboratoire commun pour des matériaux plus durables 24 avril 2023

On March 20, 2023, the extra-mural MATILDE[1] laboratory was created. This acronym covers the MATEIS (INSA Lyon/UCBL/CNRS) and LAMCOS (INSA Lyon/CNRS) laboratories, and the three Saint-Gobain research centers: Saint-Gobain Research Provence, Saint-Gobain Research Compiègne and Saint-Gobain Research Paris. These structures have joined forces for the next 5 years in order to develop more sustainable materials.

Saint-Gobain thus benefits from the scientific excellence of two laboratories internationally recognized in material science and contact and structure mechanics. The researchers will be able to study material damage in different environments and develop innovative material and microstructure design strategies.

MATILDE provides a structuring and sustainable collaboration framework that will contribute to the production of more effective materials, while reducing their carbon footprint and the use of the planet’s resources. It is in line with Saint-Gobain’s sustainable innovation strategy.

[1] MATILDE, for inorganic MATerials: Innovative strategies to controL DamagE.