Disabled customers at the British distribution brand, JP Corry, now receive personalized attention when they use the new “Just a minute” mobile app.

The Saint-Gobain distribution brand JP Corry in the United Kingdom has taken another step forward in its customer integration policy. The company has trained its 260 employees across its 17 sales outlets in how to assist disabled customers, whether their disability is speech, reading, hearing or anything else that makes shopping more complicated for them.

A simple enough idea, somebody just had to think of it. These customers show the sales team member their JAM (Just a minute) card using the mobile app to discreetly indicate their situation. Aware of the customer's particular situation, the employee is able to adjust the assistance provided and take the time needed to listen. This is an effective solution to meet all customers’ needs and to boost their loyalty.

Find out more: www.jamcard.org