KOPE: a platform for off-site construction

Saint-Gobain UK recently invested in KOPE, the first software platform specifically dedicated to off-site construction. This move confirms Saint-Gobain’s commitment to lighter, more sustainable construction methods.

KOPE : une plateforme pour la construction hors-site

Alongside other UK leaders in the sector, Saint-Gobain has made a financial commitment to the development of KOPE, the first software platform specifically designed for off-site construction in the UK. This close cooperation will enable solutions and systems developed by the Group to be integrated into the platform, speeding up their understanding and use by architects and designers.  

Designed as a one-stop shop for hosting projects, bringing together design, manufacturing and construction, KOPE also aims to help reduce waste production and facilitate pricing operations.  

With this strategic investment, Saint-Gobain is asserting its determination to become leader in sustainable construction and enhance its expertise in off-site construction. The Group is also helping to develop this light construction method and adopt more sustainable solutions to build a more environmentally friendly future.   

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