The largest cantilever bridge in the world

Specialized in the production of expanded clay, LECA has contributed to the construction of the largest cantilever bridge in the world, in Norway. A project that benefits from the strength and durability of the Leca® 800 aggregate and that echoes the CSR approach recently unveiled by the brand.

Le plus grand pont en porte-à-faux du monde
©Nye Veier

Constructed on a new section of the Norwegian coastal motorway, at 534m long, the Trysfjord Bridge is the largest cantilever bridge in the world. Its deck is made up entirely of cantilever beams, structures supported at just one end that extend horizontally. This technical feat was made possible by using the Leca® 800 low density aggregate, which boasts unique strength and durability qualities and is perfectly suited to extreme constructions.

To finalize this major project – which took four years to complete and was delivered in November 2022 – it was essential to find the most viable, most efficient solution, both in terms of sustainable development and from an economical point of view. The Leca® 800 aggregate ticked both boxes.

Like all solutions developed by LECA, the one used for the Trysfjord Bridge illustrates the company’s desire to combat the adverse effects of global warming and to do its bit to protect the environment. This is the ambition of its “Next Step” approach, which includes all the actions taken to make a more sustainable world and aims to achieve carbon neutrality for the brand by 2050.

It is a two-stage approach: a 50% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions (Scope 1) by 2026 (compared to 2017), and a further 75% reduction by 2030 (also compared to 2017). LECA will replace fossil energies with green energy and focus on reuse, within the context of circular economy, in close cooperation with its customers and partners.

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