A partnership to decarbonize the steel industry

Saint-Gobain has signed a research and development partnership agreement with Yongfeng, a major player in the Chinese steel industry.

Un partenariat pour décarboner l’industrie sidérurgique

In China, Saint-Gobain Research Shanghai has signed an agreement with the Yongfeng Group for a research and development partnership to continue designing ever more sustainable materials and construction methods.

Yongfeng is a company active in real estate and commercial logistics, but it is above all its status as a leading steel company in Shandong (China) that will enable the Group to fully exploit the potential of the circular economy in the country. Indeed, the steel industry produces a lot of waste that can be recycled to produce other products (known as "wasterials"),
such as low-carbon mortars.

Saint-Gobain's commitment to carbon neutrality coincides perfectly with Yongfeng's desire to recycle its industrial by-products. This combination of know-how will enable sustainable construction to take a new step forward in China and Saint-Gobain to strengthen its position as world leader in lightweight and sustainable construction.