The positive impact of SageGlass

Temperature and light levels are two essential components of comfort. And even if this concept is relative from one user to the next, SageGlass has measured an undeniable positive impact of its glazing on passengers and employees of Brownsville South Padre Island International Airport in Texas. 

L’impact positif de SageGlass

To highlight the added value that its solutions provide in terms of thermal comfort and light levels, SageGlass conducted a study at Brownsville South Padre Island International Airport in Texas, the new terminal of which is equipped with SageGlass Classic glazing over a total surface area of 1,223 m².  Data was collected from 160 people – employees and passengers – over the course of two weeks and under homogeneous climate conditions. The glazing was deactivated for the first week and then reactivated for the second. 

Results with clear benefits

When the solution was activated, almost three times more of those questioned said they were satisfied with their thermal comfort and 2.5 times more with the light levels and glare control. SageGlass glazing enables employees and passengers to read the data displayed on screens without squinting, sit near to the windows without getting uncomfortably hot and benefit from natural light without blinds or shutters. For the airport’s directors, this new-found comfort also has economic benefits: a pleasant environment can encourage passengers to spend more in the airport. 

As well as improving the passenger and occupant experience, SageGlass has excellent energy and environmental performance. The data collected at Brownsville South Padre Island International Airport proves that the intelligent glazing has saved the airport 26.8% in energy costs by comparing July 2021 with July 2022.