Rainwater: the PUM teams set an example

There is no such thing as a small saving: the PUM teams have put the benefits of the solutions they sell into practice, by installing rainwater harvesting systems directly in their branches.


Rainwater harvesting is an area of expertise for PUM, a trading partner to building professionals and the public works and landscaping sectors. Since 2023, it has also been a key area of focus, which has already led to the creation of two practical tools:

A complete guide to all products for rainwater harvesting; 

An online configurator to help private individuals and professionals find a suitable, costed solution in real time. 

Committed to protecting this precious resource, the teams at some branches have started harvesting rainwater themselves.


The PUM Toulouse Ouest branch has been equipped with a tank and condenser to use rainwater to irrigate a mini vegetable garden located outside the branch. Meanwhile, the Vannes branch is now equipped with a 5 m3 rainwater recovery tank to supply its two washrooms. 

Concrete initiatives that set a good example using Group solutions which they sell to their customers every day.