Recycled ceilings

The new Saint-Gobain Ecophon® SoundCircularity™ service launched in France is part of a circular economy approach with a complete support solution for recycling end-of-life products.

Les plafonds se recyclent

While the construction industry is responsible for nearly two billion metric tons of waste per year, recycling manufactured products is a solution to the ever-increasing population and the resulting decrease in resources. Saint-Gobain Ecophon® has therefore launched SoundCircularity™ in France, one of the most 'circular' solutions in the ceiling market, not least for intrinsic reasons related to the design of Ecophon® products. Most of the glass wool used in the acoustic panels is made from recycled glass, giving a minimum level of post-recycled content of up to 65%.

This recycling service is aimed at project owners, contractors and companies wanting to help reduce their impact on the environment and conserve natural resources. It provides these professionals with a service to take back Ecophon® panels at end-of-life (including ceiling tiles, floating units, baffles and wall panels). The aim is to avoid landfilling glass wool and to encourage its re-use in the manufacturing process to reduce the consumption of raw materials.

This recycling process is based on a partnership between Saint-Gobain Ecophon® and a network of collectors who take waste from construction and demolition sites and transport it to the processing site. This recycling program is also based on the ISOVER Recycling infrastructure, installed at the Orange industrial site (84 Dpt.), which aims to collect more than 150,000 metric tons of glass wool per year by 2030.

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