Saint-Gobain is committed to digital inclusion


At a time when digital technology has become essential in our daily lives, a large part of the population encounters difficulties in carrying out administrative procedures online or making purchases on the internet.

Indeed, the vast majority of websites are not adapted to the browsing needs of Internet users. It is estimated that a third of the population does not have access to online content due to unsuitable web interfaces.

In a process of digital inclusion, Saint-Gobain has chosen to equip its Group website with FACIL'iti, an innovative tool allowing the display of sites to be adapted according to visual needs (visual impairment , cataracts, color blindness, etc., motors (Parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis, etc.), or cognitive (dyslexia, etc.) of Internet users. FACIL'iti is also intended for all people with temporary disorders (ophthalmic migraines, visual fatigue, night mode, etc.), looking for comfort or a different adaptation to navigate independently.

This service offers a response to the evolution of our society and its uses. It is also a way to give access to information to a greater number of Internet users and to fight against e-exclusion.

Access FACIL'iti to adapt our site to your needs



Step 1: Click on the "Adapt the display" link at the top left to access the service


Step 2: Choose the filter that suits you from the list offered in the FACIL-iti menu that is displayed on the right of the screen, or go even further thanks to the "personalized filter". That's it: the site will adapt instantly!

What is the FACIL'iti digital inclusion solution?