The Shareholders' Meeting of June 4, 2009

The Combined Ordinary and Extraordinary Shareholders' Meeting of Compagnie de Saint-Gobain's was held today, June 4, 2009, in Paris. Shareholders present or represented at the meeting together accounted for 63.46% of the outstanding shares. All the resolutions were adopted (by a significant majority).

Gerhard Cromme, Jean-Martin Folz, Michel Pébereau and Jean-Cyril Spinetta were all re-elected to the Board. Gilles Schnepp was elected as a director to replace Gianpaolo Caccini, in line with the agreement with Wendel dated March 20, 2008 under which Wendel was given a third seat on the Board as from the 2009 Annual Shareholders' Meeting. Shareholders also ratified the appointment as director of Frédéric Lemoine, decided by the Board to fill the seat left vacant by the resignation of Jean-Bernard Lafonta.

Shareholders approved payment of a dividend of €1 per share and the option to receive the dividend in cash or in stock. Shareholders that choose the stock dividend alternative should notify their financial intermediary between June 10 and the close of business on June 24. The issue price of the new shares allotted in payment of the dividend will be €22.83, after applying the maximum 10% discount. The ex-dividend date will be June 10 and the dividend will be paid either in cash or in stock as from July 2.

A webcast of the Annual Shareholders' Meeting and the results of the vote on each resolution will be made available on the Company's website from June 5.

related to this announcement of a corporate action (stock dividend alternative)

The option to receive the 2008 dividend in stock is not available to shareholders resident in any country where the resulting share issue would have to be registered with or approved by the local securities regulator, including Australia, Canada, Italy and Japan. Shareholders resident outside France should enquire about and comply with any local restrictions. No dividend reinvestment requests will be accepted from shareholders in countries where these restrictions apply. Shareholders are responsible for determining the conditions and consequences of exercising the dividend reinvestment option under the local laws of their country of residence. When deciding whether or not to exercise the dividend reinvestment option, shareholders should consider the risks associated with an investment in shares.