Stimulus package for energy renovation of buildings

Donation of skills, trade professionals’ training and the development of new solutions are just a few of the measures introduced by Saint-Gobain and its employees to support the French government’s stimulus package for the energy renovation of buildings.

Consulted and a contributor to the preparation the France’s stimulus package for the energy renovation of buildings, Saint-Gobain is already working to ensure its success by taking concrete measures relying on the expertise and combined strength of its businesses and employees in France. Through initiatives involving the entire energy renovation value chain, the Group is committed to driving forward this key issue for fighting climate change, the building industry’s recovery, improving living spaces and greater social justice. This package sits perfectly alongside Saint-Gobain’s purpose: Making the world a better home. 

Donation of skills and support for individual renovation projects 

Saint-Gobain is introducing two initiatives that make its employees in France the driving force behind the energy renovation planned in the French package. The Group will encourage employees to volunteer their skills to help with renovation projects undertaken in the regions. The approach? Saint-Gobain France employees who donate their time to non-profits working on renovation projects will have their hours matched to a maximum of two days a year per employee (making the maximum total four days per year per employee). In all, some 100,000 hours’ sponsorship could be allocated to energy renovation in France.

The Group also wants to support the renovation projects carried out by individual employees who are eligible for government support. Saint-Gobain will cover all costs exceeding the package allowance for the first 1,000 applications submitted. 

Training for trades professionals 

Unless building trades professionals are properly trained, the energy renovations carried out will fall short in terms of quality. This month, Saint-Gobain is rolling out across France a multi-channel training program called “Target RGE” (Environmental Certification) for all trades professionals registered in its network. This course will save trades professionals precious time as they will be able to follow the course online on their computer, tablet or smartphone. The certification system will be provided by the POINT.P sales outlets. The aim is to ensure at least 10,000 trades professionals qualify for this certification by the end of 2022 compared with just 2,000 a year at present. Along with POINT.P, all the Group’s specialist brands will contribute to this energy renovation program, especially CEDEO and SFIC, which will focus on ensuring the package’s success.

Clear information 

To help individuals understand the issues around energy renovation, which at times may seem complex, all the technical solutions designed for individuals will be available on the La Maison Saint-Gobain website. This unique, powerful and integrated tool provides inspiration to the 700,000 or so unique monthly visitors, and pairs their renovation project with qualified trades professionals. Saint-Gobain has a range of innovative and ecological solutions for public buildings and private homes. It will provide public authorities that so request as part of an energy renovation project, a tailored measure and diagnostic service to assess the comfort level inside their buildings. This service will be provided by Kandu, an internal Saint-Gobain startup, to the extent of available capacity.

Saint-Gobain is also stepping up its development of bio-sourced solutions. Through its subsidiary Isonat, specializing in wood fiber insulation panels, the Group intends to double the capacity of its production plant in Mably (in the Loire region in France) by 2023. This will make it possible to insulate the equivalent of an additional 9,000 homes a year using this insulation material designed, bio-sourced, supplied and produced in France.

Saint-Gobain will also leverage its ability to promote renovation innovation. For example, Saint-Gobain Distribution Bâtiment France will launch an “Eco-Solution Tour of France” reaching out to its partner trades professionals. It will, in particular, include the 1,500 multi-brand, multi-business range of bio-sourced products. The creation in 2019 of “Saint-Gobain Solutions” groups together all the combined expertise from the Group’s various subsidiaries (insulation, plaster, mortars, glazing and services), and is also fully committed to providing solutions to support innovation in the building industry.