Switzerland proud of its suppliers

Swiss brand Sanitas Troesch has introduced a new evaluation method to provide better support for its suppliers. The encouraging initial results demonstrate the proactive commitment of its partners. 

La Suisse fière de ses fournisseurs

The manufacture, transport and use of solutions sold by Sanitas Troesch, the leading bathroom and kitchen manufacturer on the Swiss market, accounts for 117,000 tons of CO2 each year! To help reduce the Group’s carbon footprint, particularly on Scope 3, the brand has set up a method for evaluating its suppliers on a scale of 0 to 3. A zero rating means that only a few decarbonization measures have been implemented, while three corresponds to setting ambitious reduction targets. 

The initial results of this exercise have proved very satisfactory for the Swiss brand, with more than 50% of its suppliers at level 2 or 3. And for those still at level 1, optimization plans have been put in place, and all suppliers have shown great interest and willingness to improve their performance. 

Among the noteworthy actions taken by its suppliers, Sanitas Troesch cites: switching to renewable energies, purchasing green energy, optimizing processes for reduced energy consumption, purchasing electric vehicles, investing in low CO2 emission steel or recycled aluminum, reducing packaging, purchasing wood certified by FSC (the Forest Stewardship Council, an international NGO that promotes ecological, social and economic forest management). In addition to these measures to reduce the carbon footprint of purchases, suppliers are also acting in a sustainable and social way by promoting vocational reintegration and partnerships with disabled workers. 

All this makes the brand proud of its partners and enables the Group to move forward on its road map to carbon neutrality.