Synergies are taking over logistics

Already established in the Netherlands, the LeanWorks logistics optimisation service is now being adopted by our Scandinavian retail brands, to reduce deliveries and encourage recycling of waste.

The LeanWorks service, used for several years by Saint-Gobain’s Dutch building materials distributor, Raab Karcher, involves grouping a customer’s order from several suppliers in a single distribution centre. The goods are therefore all transported in the same truck and arrive at the worksite at the same time. Once delivered to where the customer needs them on the worksite, the truck heads off, loaded with waste, to a sorting and recycling centre.

Meanwhile, pilot projects have been carried out at Optimera in Sweden and in Norway. In Oslo, the project, renamed Third Part Logistics, has been designed in partnership with AF Gruppen (Norway's third-largest civil engineering and construction company). As a result, 60 deliveries were avoided and 20 waste collections were made at a single site. Optimera Norway is currently developing an online platform dedicated to this service, which will allow its customers to provide all the information about their project and their needs, so that the company can take over accepting delivery of the products, storing them and delivering them to worksites. As well as being a real advantage to customers, this service is also a solution to significantly reduce CO₂ emissions. The Covid-19 crisis has definitely not changed our environmental priorities.