Thermal and visual comfort in the office

An American software company has chosen SageGlass smart glass for its headquarters. Because when you spend your day in front of a computer, solar control is crucial.

Based in Georgia, USA, SCM3, a transportation logistics software company, wanted to give meaning to its future offices.

More than 1,400m² of SageGlass dynamic glass panes were installed on the building's façade.

The special feature of this smart glass is that it tints according to the level of sunlight. No more blinds! SageGlass glazing reduces heat and glare inside the building while maintaining the view outside. In concrete terms, this means a reduction in air conditioning requirements and a 20% reduction in the building's total energy consumption! 

For the software company SCM3, smart glass is a way to provide a pleasant and responsible working environment while offering a constant reminder of the importance of innovation.