Towards a zero emission fleet

Dahl Optimera Norway is electrifying its entire corporate fleet and installing a dense network of charging stations. The aim is to achieve perfectly clean transportation.

véhicules électriques

While building distribution brands are striving to reduce the environmental footprint of their logistics fleets, the battle for green transportation is also being waged on the personal vehicle front. In Norway, Dahl and Optimera are tackling the issue head on. From January 1, 2022 – and from April 2021 at Saint-Gobain UK & Ireland – all company cars acquired by these companies will be either electric or hybrid.

To cope with such an influx of electric vehicles, 175 ZAPTEC Pro charging stations have been installed at the sites concerned. These are high-performance (up to 110 km of range in just one hour of charging) and intelligent devices that maximize charging of several vehicles simultaneously with dynamic balancing and phase rotation. This ensures the best use of all the energy available in the facility and distributes the power between the charging stations. These stations are produced in Norway, so they require less transportation time and favor local industry.

Dahl Optimera Norway has already announced the next step in this green transportation approach: from 2023, all new vehicles acquired by the company will be 100% electric. Given the renewal rate, the target of a completely zero-emission fleet will be reached by 2027.