Two years of commitment to Act sustainably

First launched in France in 2021 and gradually expanded to include other Group’s Regions and Countries, the Act sustainably program rallies employees to achieve social and environmental excellence for Saint-Gobain. We take a look back at two years of inspiring initiatives. 

Agir durablement : deux ans d’engagement

Because every employee can take practical, local action, both individually and collectively, the Act sustainably program aims to support them by inciting them to promote projects that make a difference.   

First introduced in France, Act sustainably quickly won support around four major themes – sustainable projects, green mobility, energy renovation, diversity and inclusion – encouraging participants to put forward ideas that contribute to building a company that is ever more open, more respectful of its environment and more in tune with major societal changes. These ideas are assessed and selected by a committee and then implemented with the aid of dedicated funding.  

Following the example set by France, the program has gradually been extended to other Regions. In 2022, several countries in the Southern Europe, Middle East and Africa Region implemented Act sustainably program, starting with the theme of sustainable projects.  

In 2023, to speed up the process in this same Region, a second theme is being added, individually selected by each country. Greece, Italy, Kuwait, Morocco, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, South Africa and Spain have thus decided to focus their efforts on diversity and inclusion; Benelux, Oman, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates have prioritized green mobility; while Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey have opted for energy renovation.  

The movement has also spread to the Asia-Pacific Region, where nine countries (Australia, China, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand and Vietnam) joined the program in July 2021. They have focused on sustainable projects and initiatives in three main areas: reducing CO2 emissions, supporting the circular economy and reducing waste. A year later, India has also joined the program, putting particular emphasis on water conservation.  

Meanwhile, Act sustainably spread to Latin America in 2022 under the name Hora de Agir, with Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru also putting the focus on sustainable projects. In all, nearly 500 ideas have been submitted by employees, resulting in the abatement of 1.6 metric tons of CO2 emissions through the projects selected and implemented. 

Aligned with our ‘TEC’ culture, the Group’s Countries and Regions are thus progressing at their own pace, in line with specific local needs. The progress made so far results from a strong joint effort, but also from the coordination provided by the program’s nationally appointed representatives, who are responsible for its successful implementation. First and foremost, it is these dedicated employees who have been responsible for motivating, supporting and guiding colleagues who wanted to put forward innovative solutions. 

Act sustainably continues in 2023, with a new call for proposals from employees to speed the Group on its road towards social and environmental excellence.