Water Plan: PAM’s long-standing commitment

Saint-Gobain PAM, through its Foug site, figures in the list of major French manufacturers committed to reducing their water consumption, published as part of the Water Plan. This is a fundamental commitment for the brand, and one that will continue to grow with the support of the public authorities. 

Plan Eau : PAM engagé de longue date

At the end of August 2023, the government published a list of major French industrial sites committed to reducing their water consumption. They will receive support from the French government as part of the Water Plan, to help them go even further in their efforts to reduce water consumption.  

PAM is on this list through its Foug site in Meurthe-et-Moselle, which specializes in the production of fittings for drinking water pipes. Inclusion on the government’s list is an opportunity to recall the progress already made in preserving water resources, which is at the heart of PAM’s vision.  

For 10 years, the company has been making massive efforts to reduce its consumption, with concrete results: 

  • a 75% reduction in water withdrawals at the central Pont-à-Mousson site, through use of closed circuits and commissioning of Europe’s largest electric furnace for ductile cast iron (the Thor furnace); 
  • a 20% reduction in water use at the Foug plant; 
  • ongoing investment in a series of high-impact projects, including the Vulcain furnace at Foug, which will cut withdrawals by 90% over the next few years. 

Support from the public authorities will result in even further progress in preserving resources!