Where are my hands?

Saint-Gobain Surface Solutions is launching an ambitious program to prevent hand-related accidents. Designed by a multidisciplinary task force and with the support of local teams, this unprecedented operation aims to bring about a lasting change in behavior.

Où sont mes mains ?

It's time for Saint-Gobain Surface Solutions' operational and EHS teams to get mobilized. The "Where are my hands?" campaign to prevent the risk of accidents involving hands and fingers has just been launched. “After a good start to 2022, we experienced an increase in the number of accidents starting in the summer, the majority of which involved fingers and hands," explains Jennifer Ubrig, EHS Director, SGSS. “When we looked at our history, we found that these accounted for about two-thirds of the cases in all our BUs. This justified prioritizing a targeted action on this topic as part of a broader awareness program."


This campaign is especially original in the way it was prepared and managed. Of course, the EHS networks of all Saint-Gobain Surface Solutions' regions and sBUs were involved. But the promoters also asked their general and regional management, the central EHS teams and the ones of other HPS BUs to "challenge" their work. As a result, they proposed a five-step process to the sites. This begins with the creation of a multidisciplinary steering team, responsible for the following four steps: identifying and assessing risks, defining priorities and communication, implementing improvement projects, and finally, sustaining the actions. Each site will therefore establish a customized program with quarterly progress reviews. The joint involvement of management, operational teams and support functions, including human resources, gives this program the best chance of achieving its ultimate goal: a lasting change in behavior to protect employee safety.