To promote lifelong learning opportunities.

Quality Education


  • for employees: our aim is to be a preferred employer, known and recognized for the richness of the career paths it offers. The group also favors professional training, for example we implement online training modules such as Act (preventing corruption), and Comply (competition law);
  • for customers: we support craftsmen and other professionals through training;
  • for local communities: we maintain relationships with local partners in many of the countries where we operate, to boost local employment and support disadvantaged populations with their career aspirations. Saint-Gobain also helps society through sponsorship and philanthropy. The Saint-Gobain Foundation takes action in favor of integration through work, in particular in the building businesses and education. Concretely, it enables organizations and associations to train and supervise young adults into or back into employment by learning a trade or profession
  • for civil society: supporting young people is a priority in all countries where we operate. For example, in France, 3.9% of contracts are youth contracts. We offer several different types of internships, work/study programs, apprenticeships and the International Postgraduate Internship Program (VIE). For example, in June 2020; the Group has launched its first apprenticeship training center in France: “Génération Saint-Gobain". This school trains apprentices in industrial maintenance and in sales and marketing. 

SDG targets

4.4 and 4.7: In 2020, the Saint-Gobain Foundation supported 18 "integration and education" projects for 10,823 beneficiaries and an allocated budget of €868,870

Other indicators

Employees who received training during the year

Average number of hours of training per employee per year

Training of managers in the Principles of Conduct and Action

Act, Comply, Adhere training