SageGlass® is a dynamic glass that tints electronically allowing building occupants to choose the best level of natural light for their comfort, year-round.

Globally unique technology 

Glass that tints or clears on demand 

Activated by a low electric current, SageGlass adapts its light and heat transmission, and so its tint, to the level of sunlight and the building’s ambient temperature, while maintaining a view to the outdoors. In this way, it improves occupants’ comfort and well-being. It significantly reduces the amount of energy consumed for air conditioning, heating and lighting. It also provides architects with an attractive and effective alternative to mechanical blinds and sunshades.

Infinite possibilities for unparalleled comfort

SageGlass glass can be varied using different tints, but its personalization does not stop there. This dynamic glass can be used as double- or triple-glazing and combined with other glass functions: it can be noise-insulating, self-cleaning, etc.

Manufactured in the Faribault, Minnesota (United States) plant, SageGlass is the result of more than 20 years of innovative research in dynamic glass using thin layers. It is protected by more than 320 international patents.

Glass serving more sustainable architecture 

Benefit from natural light without suffering its downsides 

Government building, Utrecht, Netherlands

SageGlass dynamic glass panels are used in buildings for universities, conference centers, art galleries, schools, medical centers, and so on, to provide an attractive and economic way of controlling light. 

SageGlass modulates the sun’s light so that a building’s occupants get all the benefits of natural light and a view to the outdoors without comprising their comfort: indoor light levels and temperatures are modulated while retaining a sense of being outdoors. SageGlass prevents glare, fading and excessive heat build-up. 

Improve energy efficiency  

SageGlass is environmentally friendly glazing that delivers substantial energy savings while also reducing costs. Be removing the need for external and interior mechanical blinds, SageGlass does away with the additional expenses incurred for add-on solar protection systems (purchase price, installation, cleaning and maintenance). It only consumes a very small amount of power and even then only in its transition phase. Incorporated into a home or building’s automation system, SageGlass windows help reduce energy consumption by 20 to 30 percent compared with a standard installation. 

This technology allows light into indoor spaces and prevents any excessive heat build-up, unlike conventional windows, helping reduce lighting and air conditioning bills. SageGlass double- and triple-glazing also prevents heat loss during the winter months. 

Glass that combines protection, visual comfort and energy efficiency making architecture more sustainable