Saint-Gobain Glass ecological mirrors

Saint-Gobain Glass lead-free sgg MIRALITE REVOLUTION and sgg MIRALITE PURE (also solvent-free) mirrors are renowned for their exceptional purity. They combine environmental, aesthetic and durability qualities.

Dual promise 

Safe for health and the environment 

sgg MIRALITE® REVOLUTION and sgg MIRALITE® PURE are revolutionary: their lead residual is infinitely small, 600 times less than in a standard mirror, and well below the current regulatory thresholds. These interior decoration products protect indoor air quality, as they emit virtually no volatile organic compounds (VOCs). 

sgg MIRALITE® PURE also provides a unique environmental performance thanks to its water-based protective paint that contains 70 percent less solvents and no aromatic solvent.

Reduced ecological footprint 

The ecological footprint of these mirrors has been reduced in each stage of their lifecycle, in particular, the production process has been optimized to reduce CO2 emissions.

Pure reflection 

Unrivalled performance 

Ecological mirrors have exceptional quality and durability, while retaining the technical performance of Saint-Gobain Glass mirrors. These products deliver an even better performance for both the transformer and the user’s comfort.

Ecological mirrors are suitable for cutting, both geometric or non-geometric shapes.They can be drilled and edgeworked (bevel, chamfer, etc.). They can be personalized with a logo or with a sandblasted or engraved design on the opposite surface to the mirror coating. 

Light, space and design 

The use of clearer glass and a more opaque backing extend the range of potential interior uses: lighter spaces, backlighting, etc. The properties of sgg MIRALITE REVOLUTION and sgg MIRALITE PURE enhance interior spaces: increased light levels, interior warmth and atmosphere enhanced by original designs. This mirror is ideal for use in the home, especially bathrooms and passageways, and in professional settings as well, such as offices, shops, hotels, restaurants, sports facilities, etc.

Available in a variety of shapes, it can be used to create new dimensions: framed or unframed mirrors, wall cladding, furniture components (table, cupboard door, shelf), sign, etc.

Innovative mirrors that are exceptional for their purity and smaller ecological footprint.