Sharing our values with our stakeholders

Peace Justice Strong Institutions


  • for employees: our responsible approach is based on our code of ethics: The Principles of Conduct and Action. They are the foundation of all of Saint-Gobain’s policies and commitments. They define the values and rules applicable to all Saint-Gobain entities and employees, across all employment contract types (open-ended contracts, fixed-term contracts and temporary staff) but also to their subcontractor and suppliers
  • for suppliers: The Responsible Purchasing approach incorporates suppliers’ compliance with the Suppliers’ Charter, based on Principles of Conduct and Action;
  • for civil society: compliance with the law, the principles of the code of ethics and respect for human rights constitute the Group’s fundamental values. For example, our alert system policy was updated and improved at the end of 2020 and the governance of the system was overhauled. A new alert system managed by an external company is now available on the Group’s website. Its use has been opened to all stakeholders. The highly secure platform makes it possible to report breaches, including anonymously.


16.2: Other human rights incidents, including child labor

16.3: Alerts received through alert systems

16.3: Amount of significant penalties for non-compliance with laws and regulations

16.5: Number of reported cases of corruption

16.7: Number of active agreements signed with employee representative bodies

Other indicator

Alert system for all stakeholders